Real Estate

Dec 2018

Why Real Estate Website

You may be Real Estate agent or a Builders, You must understand about digital transformation. Why a Real Estate website is must. You can look at below stats from google. How many of them searching their future home on Google only way to reach those online users is Real Estate website.

How We Help Realtors

As Real Estate Web Design Company, We helped many business to grow digitally. We talk a lot about your business until we get more clarity. We are always wanted to grow with you. We help you end to end throughout this journey from choosing right website to getting right customer and retain that customers.

What’s Happening on Google

How do we design a Best Real Estate Website

Audience Persona

Before start a real estate website we do gather your requirements if you have pre planned everything about website design we do evaluate the plan if any improvisation needed we do help you do improvise the plan.
Then immediately we do start analysing products (Properties) to know which audience is looking for your Flats or property and who can afford it what’s their expectations.

After Building Audience personal we will start plan our Design based on audience need and their taste.

Choice Of Sections

Showing the right content to the customer is very important thing our team do the research based on the persona what all are common thing website user looking before making buying decision .

  • Short Summary About Properties
  • Price Range
  • EMI Options – Bank Loan Arrangements
  • EMI Calculators
  • Plan Diagram
  • Location & Nearest Public Places
  • Amenities of the Flat
  • Security Structures
  • Testimonials
  • 3D Walkthrough Videos
  • Amenities Features Videos
  • Map Distance Calculators

These all are the Major expected section from the customers.

We not only design your Real Estate website also you’ll get following free Bonuses that can make your website ready to start Digital Marketing you’ll get the Basic setup.