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Free Integrations with Google Ads Package

You will get all these below integration for free when you book a google Ads Services with us

Search Console

We do this Google Search Console Integration for free to all website customers that can help you to identify SEO issues on your website and other SEO helps

Tag Manager

We do not recommend you to add heavy loads to your website that’s why we bring free Google Tag Manager Integration to have hussle free tag management

Google Analytics

Creating a website not enough and you have to measure how that website is performing. Measuring is a main factor on every business. We help you enable this for free by integrating Google Analytics.

Google Optimize

One size is not fit for all that’s why we do integrate this Personalization platform Google Optimize for free of cost. if you have business on multiple cities you can show different home page for each city.

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How We Deliver?

1. Book A Free Google Ads Consultation Call2. Our Google Ads Experts will talk to you to understand your business then they will craft a tailor made Google Ads plan Especially for you.3. Finally Our Experts will do Magic and you'll get a better Google Ranking starts from Rs.2000

Free Bonuses

Bonuses Setups Almost Similar to What Big Companies doing:SEO Ready Website (Basic SEO Setup)Google Analytics Setup (To Measure Website Performance)Google Tag Manager (Hussle free Tag Management for your Website)Google Optimize Setup(Deliver Personalized Content to your User)Google Optimize one A/B Test setup for Free!

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bonus free Integration to spy visitors

yes, we are going to spy on your website visitors for good reasons. We are going to integrate this tool for free of cost.

Why People Love us

There are many factors to decide the best PPC services. We would say that is our uniqueness when it compares to all other players.

Market Research

Before starting a website design we do basic market research to make a better design and make that design more relevant to the market.

Brand Design

We guide you to build a brand book and maintain a consistent theme through our website.

Choice of Theme

Based on the market research and brand identity we do choose the right theme for your website.

Super Technology

 We will try to utilize most of the technologies available for your website to make it better.

Free Integration

You'll follow Integration for free.

Google Tag Manager
Google Analytics 
Google Optimize
Google Search Console

Basic SEO Setup

During website design itself we do take care of Basic SEO setup also we do install basic SEO plugins that are ready to use by the SEO team.

Business Advice

We help you by giving some business and promotion ideas to improve sale or Generating More Leads to your business.

ROI Based Website

Our aim is to generate more revenue through your website we will add more revenue making modules to achieve it,

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